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Tropical scene of the Carribean Sea featuring the ocean, beach, and tropical palm trees


Our Mission

At Caribe, our mission is to make our customers feel like family. 


Get to Know Us

Caribe, which translates to "Caribbean" in Spanish, is a Spanish Restaurant started by the Fabian family. The construction of Caribe started in early 2021 and has been a 2-year long project. The creation of Caribe was inspired by the Fabian Family's long-standing business, Mami's Restaurant. Mami's, a small restaurant located at 911 Crane Street has been running for almost 20 years. Over the years, Mami's regular customers have become like family to the business owners, and have requested the creation of a bigger location, suitable for dining in with friends and family. While creating Caribe, the Fabians wanted it to feel like you were transported to a tropical vacation. Caribe's mission is to make every customer feel like family and provide exceptional quality and service so that every customer considers Caribe for all their dining, catering, and celebrating needs.

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